• 215mi

  • 15.5mph

  • 24hr

    Anti Theft
  • WAU X is the safest, longest range deliver bike ever. Single or dual motors provide safety, maximum acceleration and power.

    Earn More

    Earn up to £90 more per shift​​

    Using electric power, delivery riders experience on average 40% to 90% faster, easier and more frequent deliveries, resulting in much greater daily pay rates.

    Work Easy

    Let The Motor Do The Work

    In a busy city environment, WAU is faster than any mechanical bike, e-bikes and most city motorbikes. 215 miles range (55Ah) to easily cover any shift.

    Faster Deliveries

    Frequent Orders

    No Licence

    No Road Tax

    No MOT

    No Emission


    Powerful 3 wall security system

    24/7 GPS Tracking

    WAU location on your phone

    Geo Fence

    Personal guard to your WAU


    Safest Electric Bike Ever

    Available on IOS and Andriod


    Smart - Lighting System

    Smart - Lighting System with high output LED running lights, brake lights, and indicator lights to provide maximum visibility.


    Built To Handle Any Shift

    WAU was designed from the ground up for speed, comfort and endurance – with incredible performance, uncompromised aesthetics and aerodynamics. 1 click on your new key unlocks it all.

    The first 1000 WAUs will automatically get FREE Air Suspension with Full Lock-Out Settings.

    Schwalbe Marathon Tyres 700 x 38c. To make sure you spend your time riding, not repairing.

    Single or dual motors instantly controls traction and torque, in all urban weather conditions.

    1 Click to easily lock and arm your WAU with your securely coded remote key.

    Profitable Ownership​​

    A substantial increase in profit, and in delivery efficiency (up to 80%). With fewer systems to maintain, WAU provides service savings and great profit increase which can pay itself back in less than 6 months period.

    WAU X Specs

    40 mi/10.5 ah*
    100 mi/24.5 ah*
    215 mi/55 ah*

    250W / 500W

    Defence system
    30-days FREE Trial

    Colour LCD



    Maximum Speed

    8 Speed

    6 months, battery
    2 years, powertrain & basic vehicle

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    Rewards On The House!

  • monthly bonuses

  • £247 free wau upgrade package when you join

  • get up to £100 for each referral

  • super-human riding capabilities

  • Buy Now, Pay Later

    Finance Plan

    We offer an easy up to 6- month interest free finance plan via Paypal Credit for you to jump on WAU to begin your fast, profitable deliveries.

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    WAU bike is the perfect solution for fast, safe, profitable and environmentally friendly last mile deliveries. All WAU products are patented and trademark protected. All WAU registered designs will be strongly defended if any infringement of WAU intellectual property was attempted. Want to order your own WAU delivery bike? Click Order Now button and easily order online today.